16 December, 2010

Feeling Pretty WIRED!

A short post to say that I'm still working on the layout and while the track is 99.99% down (only the Engine terminal to do and that won't get done until I paint the fueling station base), I've got lots and LOTS of WIRING to do.  There's plenty of 22Ga feeders that need to be cut, tips tinned, installed on the rails, and finally connected to the bus wires (14Ga).  It's color coded, so it's not difficult, but working under the layout is slow, hot, and (sometimes painful) soldering and IDC installation work.  While the title of this post may say one thing I'm more TIRED than wired.  Add to that the occasional glitch where locos or an entire 'loop' of track doesn't want to work, and you add the tracing and troubleshooting to the mix.

I promised many times to post pixes, and have been lax at bringing the camera down to the basement.  No mas - it waits for me to return from having my stitches out from my 2nd foot surgery, tomorrow. So, stand by to be - unimpressed. :o)  It still looks pretty blank, but after Christmas, it will really start to perk up, as the wife wants to paint that backdrop (at least a portion of it), and I have to get two scenes done by February 1, 2011 for a possible presentation.

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