20 November, 2010


Well, the wife, my daughter and I had a great time working as volunteers at the fourth (and unforunately final) Craftsman Structure Show (http://www.css2010.com/).  I have posted our pixes at
http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2093895&id=1267063737&l=b51f82179a , so you can see them (It's a public album).  We all learned a lot, had a great time doing little things here & there for vendors, clinicians, and show attendees, while working with the other volunteers.  We couldn't have had more fun - even Ida started her own structure, while ably working/running the registration table - awesome for a not-quite 15-year old!  The contest room was once again full of amazing dioramas, structures, and photos, the vendor room was filled to capacity, and all the tips, techniques, and methods for making your structures and layouts better, were passed along by amazing clinicians!  It was great to see old friends, make new ones, and get to know more about this amazing aspect of the hobby.

Ida, me, and Daylene at the registration table.

Day's new steam loco, in front of the backdrop she learned how to paint!

One of recent Hall-of-Fame Inductee, Ken Hamilton's amazing dioramas
Regarding the CSS show's unfortunate demise, it seems there were some creative differences between the founders, so Jimmy Deignan & Doug Foscale are heading off in their own direction.  Scott Mason (http://www.scottymason.com/) and several new sponsors will be continuing the tradition of a high-quality Craftsman Structure & Scenery show, holding the new and improved Craftsman Structure Conference 2011 at the Holiday Inn Resort & Conference Center, in Mansfield, MA on November 2nd through the 5th, 2011.  Details & website to follow.  We hope to be attending and even volunteering again, next year.

In the meant time, I'm back to working on the layout and have the last of the switches and track I need to finish my trackwork and finish up the wiring.  Pixes forthcoming.  Also, I'll be helping Scott at his tables at the new, Winter Holiday Model Train Show, the weekend right after Thanksgiving, 27 and 28 November, at the Turf Valley Resort, Ellicott City, MD.  Check out http://www.tvmts.com/ for details!  Have a great "Turkey Day" everyone!

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