26 November, 2010

Black Friday - and the Holiday Model Train Show!

Happy(??) Black Friday everyone!   This is the day, where everyone loses their minds, and reverts to their basic, primeval state and fights over the latest gizmos, gadgets and fads, from 4am this morning thru the early evening.  Thankfully, I am avoiding that, by coming in to work today, as well as shopping for my family's gifts online!

Yesterday was another great feast prepared by my lovely wife, with all the trimmings, and she did not disappoint!  After a wonderful early dinner with my folks, I went down to the layout, to lay in the last of the staging for the C&O 'loop'.  Now, it's only two paper mill siding tracks and two engine service terminal siding tracks, and then I'm done.  There may be some rework, in a spot or two, but I hope it will be easy fixes, to get rid of some dips, or rough spots, where derailments are popping up.  I also got about 4 pair of feeder wires connected to the RF&P bus.  Stuff still runs, but I had a weird hiccup when a car's wheelset straddled the insulated gaps between loops.  At least I think that's what caused me to stay down hard.  I will have to keep looking at what's causing that.

After about 90 minutes on the layout, I was glad to take the ladies to see the latest Harry Potter Flick - worth seeing in the theater, if you're on the fence about it. Dark, ominous and so entertaining.

That's about it for now.  Work, then off to help ScottyMason.com at Howard Zane's Winter Holiday Model Train Show, at the Turf Valley Resort, in Ellicott City, MD.  Looking forward to some time with a good friend, as well as seeing what's out there.  Have a great weekend and we'll be posting pixes soon (yeah, I know I keep promising, but the lighting issues need to be resolved, so I can get my photos to pass muster).

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Wolf: I own a small trophy and awards business in Rockville, MD. I am currently working on a retirement plaque for an RF&P trainmaster (38 years with that RR), due out by Friday the 17th of Dec. I need either a 1982 logo, large and high res I can convert and engrave, or an object of some kind with that logo that i can attach to the plaque. Can you help please?
Lona L. Soule at Alia's Togs and Trophies, 301-545-0542 lsoule@compmerc.com