29 October, 2010

Timonium, Anyone? Check out the Great Scale Model Train Show!

Sorry for the long pause on my postings here - I've been focused on a lot for my job and my recent calling as an Assistant Scoutmaster for our church's BSA Troop, with only small bits of time for my layout, with not a lot of pictures taken in the interim.  I've been reading Brian Solomon's great book on early EMD Geeps (see link and pix on the side - I got mine used but excellent condition for under $2+ shipping, so don't be discouraged by the prices listed! Check back often), on my train rides in and out of DC; also decaling and dullcoting several freight cars, in preps for weathering, and laid track with Bob Sprague on the layout (in two sessions, we got quite a bit done & we're almost finished with trackwork - about six more pieces of Atlas Code 83 flextrack and one curved turnout to procure).  Hence my desire to go to Howard Zane's Great Scale Model Train Show, held about four times a year, at the Maryland Fairgrounds in Timonium.  It's a pretty big show, with several friends that are Model Railroad companies, like ScottyMason.com, Railroadkits.com, BEST Trains, Marty McGuirk (signing and selling his two Books on N-scale modeling and Engine Terminals), and many others.  As well, a lot of MRRForum friends and lunch buddies will either be selling stuff, buying stuff, or just wanting to see what's out there will be in attendance.  Looking forward to the gathering of all these fun, friendly and talented folks.  So, if you get a chance, head on up there & look forward to seeing you there - pixes to follow, I promise!


D. Tom Conboy said...

I look forward to the photos!

I have always wanted to attend, but time and money always seem to be in short supply. Have a good time!!

Tom C.

The Train Fanatic said...

Show wasn't bad and really wasn't expensive at all. The easiest (& cheapest) way to do the show, is have a shopping list in your pocket; I even wrote mine out on the back of the Micro-Mark catalog so I could compare prices! ;o)

And, don't forget another show will be the weekend immediately after Thanksgiving! Check out www.gsmts.com for details