06 September, 2010

Making A Scene - with Ground Goop, that is!

Today, Bob Sprague came over to help with several things to get my layout a little less pink and more scenic.  First thing we did was start making trees using Sedum plants (also known as Stonecrop), and some very neat products from Noch... leaf foliage.  Here's a few pixes of what we were doing:
Normally, you remove the dried out buds, but we experimented and left some on, to see the results.

So far, Sedum painted a brown-grey and left to dry.

Day took over the tree making and did some experimenting with both the Noch products Bob brought as well as some the fine flock we had on hand.  Some neat results.

In the mean time, Bob & I were on the layout - Bob doing some amazing trackwork, while I was carving pink insulation foam and getting some Ground Goop on the layout, to say I've got some scenery.
Poor Bob getting an earful from me about how much I like Ground Goop.
Here's a later photo, showing added scenic materials, such as sifted dirt, fine flock, some Flock & Turf, tea leaves, some tallus, and some sedum "trunks" as dead fall.

Lookin' good so far... a neat little treat, to change my pink and plywood Railroad into a scenicked little world.  To celebrate, I ran a train for my Dad, who's 83 and has a challenge dealing with stairs, and made a big sacrifice going up and down stairs to see our handywork (Thanks much Dad!).
A view of a 40' Athearn Modernized Boxcar, decaled and weathered by me,
based on a Prototype Photo.
Another view of the Chessie Boxcar I recently finished weathering and decaling.
Life-Like Proto 2000 U30B Loco, ACL #976, recently out of the box and grumbling along the rails.
More to come, as I finally get closer to done with track and move on to detailing the layout.  Stay tuned!

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Larry Baker said...

Looking good Norm. It's alway great when your railroad is getting to the point where you can start to see how it is coming together.

Larry BAker