29 August, 2010

Maintenance of Way Shed by Fos Scale Models

Had a little time to get working on one of the four Fos Scale Models (http://www.foslimited.com/) kits I've got in progress.  The little MoW Shed is just about done.  Here's some photos:
Front view.

I think it needs a little more work, such as some more subtle weathering, and I have ordered some "little people" (aka Woodland Scenics figure sets), and I should be able to add a figure or two, along with a ladder to the side of the dock.  Same goes for the Elanor's/Daisy's Diner kit.  And, I'd like to either get these ready for layout placement or on a dio.  Possibly this MoW will go on a Mini-Mo Module for the Craftsman Structure Show.
I also was fortunate enough to have a little chat with Ryan Andersen, host of the Model Railcast Show (http://www.modelrailcast.com/) and that's out now as #119.  Hope you'll listen to it and give Ryan some feedback.
Still trying to recover our basement from the flood and get to the layout... that should be this week and weekend (long live Holiday weekends!).  Hope to post some progress shots of that.


D. Tom Conboy said...

Nice work, Norm. I really like the "Chessie" signs!

Tom C.

The Train Fanatic said...

Thanks Tom. Even though I followed Doug's recommended NYC/Penn Central Green & Grey paint scheme, I felt I could get away with the signage.

Steve said...

I think these models are very interesting, I build train tracks myself, but this is a new concept well done