15 August, 2010

Ice House update

While I'm no Michelangelo, or other famous artisan, I am getting pretty pleased with my slow, but steady improvements in building craftsman structures.  Here's a couple of photos of one of them that I've been slowly building, the Fos Scale Structures' Palmer Ice House.  I got it assembled and working on the roof, trim work, and final weathering.
Weighing down the roof...

Front view (no doors installed yet), showing front "billboard" and extra signage.

Tried to do a "painted on" billboard advertisement - it seems to have shrunk a little.

Another corner view - This time from the office.
Hope to get this done by the time the Missus & youngest come back from their almost month-long trip to Utah & Idaho.  Then, I'd like to finish the other two small kits I'm working on more seriously, and create either a diorama that I can bring to the Craftsman Structure Show, OR get them set for placement on the layout.  I haven't attempted "real" scenery, except for once and I need some serious help, learning how to compose a decent scene.  New challenges, new opportunity to grow in the "World's Greatest Hobby"!  More to follow.


Larry Baker said...

Hi Norm,

I saw you Ice House on the forum and of course here. Nice job. I can see that you modeling is improving over time. You just have to keep plugging away. I did a 16' long display of FSM kits and by the time I got to the end you could follow my progress as I learned new skills and techniques.

I'm no expert but I think your doing fine. Even Dave Frary is still learning.

Larry Baker

The Train Fanatic said...

Larry, thanks! Slowly, but surely I'll get better at this (if nothing else, following instructions! LOL!). At some point, I hope to get to kit-bashing and scratchbuilding, especially since I have to build my prototype railroad station at Doswell.
And, when we stop learning, it's time to "stop the world, I want to get off!" ;o)

D. Tom Conboy said...


Looks really good. I think the Pepsi billboard ad looks great. Good job!

Tom C.

The Train Fanatic said...

Thanks Tom. It's been a fun learning experience & I need plenty more practice. Hope to finish it this week and post another update.