10 July, 2010

Mission (One of Several) Accomplished!

Well, it's been a while since I got on here to post an update.  Today was a motivating day.  I got to attend an Op-Session at Steve Williams B&O/FM&P layout at his home.  It was a nice layout, using an  older Digitrax DCC System.  He had it running pretty smoothly and it was all on one booster!  I have been loathe to do this, but I finally moved my Digitrax Super Chief, from the end of my RF&P Bus (about 42' long), to somewhere in the middle of the run.  I kept putting it off & putting it off, but after seeing his big layout in such a small space, running pretty well, I just got home, and grabbed the controller and built a shelf for it!  Here's a photo of the end result - it's from three pieces of scrap wood & some leftover Sheetrock screws.  I also used 16ga stranded leads (the red & yellow wires) from the 14 Ga main bus wires, connected with 3M Suitcase Connectors, to make sure it was getting powered.
I also put some 22ga leads at the very end of the bus, to feed the tracks that go on the "bridge".  Once I cleaned the solder & flux off the rails, I fired up the system & gave it a test run, with a Proto 2000 U28B and about ten cars.  Success!  It ran all the way 'round on RF&P Track 2 twice!  I will have to attempt some video at some point, but here's some progress photos in the mean time.

Soon, I hope to get the backdrop painted blue and the fascia up and painted green.  I think a little color, other than pink is in order.

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Larry Baker said...

HI Norm

Hope all is going well since your surgery.

I have been thinking about starting a blog about the On30 railroad I have started and reading your blog has encouraged me to jump in. I have enjoyed following the progress of your railroad and your post on the MRR forum.

If you are really bored sitting around the house you might check out my blog at www.railoradmodels.blogspot.com.

See you in Novenber.