31 July, 2010

The Little Things

I use that title for this installment, because of two things:  1) I have been laid up with this bum foot, but working on the little things and 2) my family took my middle daughter out to the University of Utah, to get all ready to start in August and I miss the "little things" such as her piano playing when she's waiting for her sister to get ready for a trip to the mall, or when she comes home tired and frustrated from school; also, her "make good choices" slogan being repeated throughout the house.  It's been a rough 2010, with our son leaving for two years in early January and now Sissy, and I'm slowly coming out of it.
In the past week or so, I've been trying to get stuff done on the layout as well as with some of the "little things".  In this case, it was my Fos Scale Structures FK#8 - the Luncheonette.  Pixes are below.
Front view - been adding weathering and signs on the roof.
Rear View of the Luncheonette - added some vents.
I have also been slowly getting another kit done, Fos Scale Structures' Crafty - Palmer Ice.  This one has been while I'm sitting on the couch with my foot up... slow progress, but it's a nice start.

Palmer Ice
Finally, I've been working on two other Fos Scale kits, so it's been getting those boxes/bags off the shelf and their contents started to look like what they were intended.

Two other kits are started - the MoW Shed and Elanor's Diner (now known as Daisy's Doswell Diner).
  I have been doing this mainly to try techniques from the Fos Scale Structures DVD, from the Scotty Mason.com DVDs, and gain some experience, for the larger kits I still have on the shelf.  And I am trying to remember, it's the little things that become big things... like a scenicked layout, with a whole bunch of structures; hopefully, more progress throughout the coming week.

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