16 June, 2010

Neat Train Picture and an upcoming Train Show

Trains!  Got to love 'em.  While I was blogging about an upcoming Model Train show, the little slide show window on my page brought up the below pix.  Upon a closer inspection, I was really blown away by the photographer's composition... the color contrasts and I think it's got something for everyone.  To borrow an old addage, "something old (the water or coaling tower), something new (quite a few covered hoppers from the modern era), something bought (whatever those cars are carrying?) and something blue (the leased locomotive)".  A very neat shot, in my humble opinion.  Hope you enjoy it too... click on the pix, to make it bigger and check out all the details.

Last year, I was able to attend a couple of Model Railroad Prototype Meets (RPMs), as well as the Craftsman Structure Show (http://www.css2010.com/) in Mansfield, MA and the Great Model Train Show, in Timonium, MD (http://gsmts.com/).  I feel you learn a lot about different aspects of the hobby, find what new products are out there, as well as interesting "how to's" and you make new friendships with those who share your passion for trains.  Unfortunately, with all that is going on in the Wolf family this year (a son who left on a two-year mission for our church, a daughter who is leaving for college soon, and my own grad school graduation), I haven't been to one show.  I am hoping to make it to the show in Timonium, which happens several times during the year.  One coming up now is:

The Great Scale Model Train Show & Railroad MarketplaceLargest show in the mid-Atlantic * All scales
Maryland State Fairgrounds, Timonium
Saturday June 26, 2010 9AM-4PM
Sunday, June 27, 2010 10AM-4PM
Admission $9 * Under 15 FREE
Admission is good for both days and includes $10 in coupons to shop at show vendors
New! Modeling contest and door prize for $500/250/100 train show money prizes to spend at any show. Entry/judging details are on the website
Dozens of operating layouts * 350 vendor stations * State of the art test track

One of the show sponsors asked me to put in a plug - so I hope you'll make an effort to check out what they have and hope to see you there.

Okay, break's over - BACK TO BUILDING A LAYOUT! ;o)


Bernie said...

That looks like a coaling tower in the distance.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and am enjoying it. I have been a model railroader and "Train Fanatic" for over 50 years. I model a fictitious branch of the Southern Pacific with logging and paper industries.
I will again be serving (seventh time)on the staff of the National Scout Jamboree in your neighborhood this summer. I was wondering if you might also be helping with the Railroading Merit Badge display? I am Director of Support for Sub-Camp 6 serving the Western Region. In any case perhaps we can get together.

The Train Fanatic said...

Thanks for letting me know - It has what I think is a unique shape for a coaling tower. And, it shows that not all things unused need to be demolished.

Thanks for visiting. Always love to meet fellow fanatics. Unfortunately, I will be in a shipyard out in the Pacific during Jamboree, otherwise I would be working with Bill Sheild on the Railroading Merit Badge - would've loved to hook up and chat with you. Hopefully, another opportunity will present itself... Thanks again!