26 June, 2010

Another Layout Update (before the Missus gets home!)

Finally, another work session under the belt!  Bob Sprague braved the Friday evening traffic on I-95 to make a quick work session productive.  Here's a few photos:

Bob's little Sedum Tree Display/Demo at its temporary resting spot.  Yay!  Finally some scenery on my layout! :o)

I was playing around with my Lumix Fz18 and the depth of focus, so I shot a pix "thru" the trees, at my on-layout staging for the RF&P.

Another shot, just to see how the camera would act.

I was working on the removable "bridge" and the track.  I put back the two pieces of fascia and it fit nice & snug again.  So, I decided to try seeing how the track would go.

Bob's working on the right side of the RF&P #2 & #3 tracks, so we can get a complete loop done before I head off for some extrended business travel, next month.  In the foreground, you can se the flex track being set down on the "bridge".  Hope it won't shift while drying overnight.

I'll try to take some more pictures, but no promises.  Plenty of Honey-Dos I didn't get to while the wife was gone, so it's time for me to shake a leg!


Pascal said...


I love the pictures snuff through the trees!
A great atmosphere for later



The Wolf's said...

Get crackin' on those Honey-Do's, Honey! Know that I love ya!