21 May, 2010

I'm Back in the Saddle Again

Well, Grad School is FINALLY done for me (HOORAY!), so it's time to get workin' on the railroad again.  I have actually done some more rail feeders installed and connected to the main bus.  I also did a little more work on the roadbed and laid a couple of pieces of track.   The goal is to continue on the "One Hour a night" philosophy - this past week was successful for two nights, with a hope to do it again tonight.  Wednesday was Scouts (gotta do my calling, since it was so challenging over the past five years to get to church!) and yesterday was a movie night with the girls (must give time to the support organization, if I want to continue playin' with trains, don't I?).

I also have a work session set up for tomorrow morning, with my friend Bob, so there's goals to be met - try and finish the RF&P "loop" and get crackin' on the left side of the layout, so I can get on to some scenery.  I think this will be a draw for folks who come to visit and a motivator for me to keep crankin' away at it.  Will take pictures tomorrow afternoon and post after we're done... hope you'll come along for the ride!

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