07 April, 2010

A little bit goes a long way

Dave Frary, model structure & scenery artist extraordinaire (check his stuff out at www.mrscenery.com, and don't forget to check out his blog), has always touted that if you just set aside one hour a day and work on whatever - a structure kit, scenery, your layout - you'll be surprised at the level of progress you reach at the end of a week. Well, with grad school on the verge of being completed (T minus 37 days and counting!), I haven't had much of a chance to try this out, but I did finally get a few minutes on the layout last night (actually, about 90 minutes).

I cleared some of the rolling stock and locos off the tracks already laid, and left one loco to be my test subject. I then continued to hook up track feeder wires to the main bus - about 12 pair - and test out the track for connectivity. It's a good thing I'm using color-coding (on the RF&P, red feeders to red bus wire; black to black - simple!), as there are too many days between work sessions, and there would be such a risk of making mistakes in hooking stuff up. I will use green & yellow for the C&O feeders & bus wires, thus creating two "zones" or "districts" and will aid in future troubleshooting. I am still having trouble with only one switch and we'll see how that goes, after I do a few more leads.

Finally, I was able to use the last ten minutes before my grad class online meeting to seal some Homabed with gloss acrylic, although I forgot to sand it (dang it!), and stuck down the actual "double diamond" for Doswell Junction crossings. The diamond is level, but beyond it, may need some touch up sanding. I have two pieces of flex-track ready to go for tonight, if I get some time. Hope to take a couple of pixes of my progress this weekend... hope to clean up things as well, since I'm getting a little further along and need the building supplies, DCC stuff, and rolling stock, off the top of the benchwork. Wish me luck!