14 March, 2010

Real Life (in Miniature), or Is It?

This is one of the most insane videos I have ever seen. NYC "in miniature"!

The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

This artist apparently used a Nikon digital still photo camera at 4 fps, over a period months(?) to take photos and the compile them in to something called a tilt shift video. While certainly not trains, it just shows how much we as a population love to see real things in miniature. I guess this is why many, if not most of us strive to do the same with our model structures, vehicles, and railroads. Hope you enjoy as much as I have. Watch it more than once and at Hi-Def, Full Screen! Thanks to Doug Foscale of FOS Scale Structures (http://www.foslimited.com/), for letting me know about it.

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