28 February, 2010

Setting the Stag(ing) for some runs

My friend Andy & I got to work on the layout Friday night & yesterday afternoon, where we got almost all the staging track on the left side down, and I started soldering feeders and connecting the main bus down. I may run a second bus, so the staging is separate from the main lines, but we'll see how it goes. Overall, had a great time hangin' with a friend, as well as trying out new things, by myself, such as soldering...

I've not soldered much, before this and always with the wrong wattage iron (my existing one was only 25 watts), for example, with heavier solder than needed for track work or wiring. Friday night, my lovely Bride purchased a 40 Watt iron and .022" rosin core solder for me, and it was like night & day workin' on the track.

Here's a video I took last night, of our work in progress. I'll post some pixes later.

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