12 February, 2010

A Mudslide (of Sorts)

Layout update:

All the backdrop is up and, thanks to an immense amount of work by my Bride yesterday & today, most of the seams already have two coats of spackle on top of the tape. The photo below, shows the last corner of backdrop up, the screw holes and seams are sporting the first coat of 'mud'.

The hope is to have the last coat on, have it sanded and start with a white primer coat on Monday (Presidents' Day), since we're getting (wait for it) MORE SNOW! Not sure how much, but it's gonna be another day off in the house. The advantage is I get stuff done on the layout, and hope to be running some trains in the very near future, as soon as I can get workin' with Bob S again, to lay some track... Bernie K is going to come down, when the Missus (the one with paint talent) & I (the one without painting talent) are ready to paint the backdrop the sky blue-white blend and see what other things need to be added to the backdrop, to give it distance and depth.
It's getting exciting, to see this coming together...

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