30 January, 2010

Snow day, on a Saturday?

We had another "blizzard" in Fredericksburg. After finally getting rid of the last vestiges of the white stuff, we got "dumped on" again. All told I'd say about 9+ inches. If nothing else, a great reason to stay inside and work on the layout!

Another quick update on my progress (sorry, no pixes yet):
-All of the woodwork, including the "bridge" piece is done.
-tried my hand at mudding one of the backdrop seams with wallboard schmutz... we'll see how it is tomorrow morning.
-got almost all of the pink foam cut and Liquid Nails down, including the piece on the above-mentioned bridge (clamped together at present, waiting to set). Won't do more pink foam until all the backdrop materials are up, so I can cut the pink stuff to fit snug against it.

No real dent to the to-do list, but here it is again:
-cut leftover 15" by 8' strips of 1/8" hardboard in half, to make 7.5" fascia board. This one's kinda important now. - couldn't today, because of the snow.
-install fascia board, where layout contours make possible. Need probably 3 more sheets of this, to finish the layout.
-prime the backdrop that's already up, with Kiehl's white - 2-3 coats
-continue marking track centerlines for layout plan
-roadbed, drill holes for blue point manual turnout switches (got six complete turnout controls), & track installs, until materials run out.
-plan and cut holes for throttle plug-ins (hope to make only three cuts), Throttle Pockets, staging switch pulls, Car Card & Waybill Boxes(?), and small shelves, or hooks for clipboards.
-Prime & Paint Fascia (Color still TBD - black or a forrest green are leaders).
-wire/solder/connect track to power source, other than with Atlas wired Rail Joiners (used for testing).

Long term? items:
-Lighting and Valence installs
-Scenery materials
-Figure out operations - if you haven't read MRP 2010, Paul Dolkos has some great ideas that I think would work for me. Hope to consult with him and Marty to figure out the operations.

I hope to get down there tomorrow and finally take some pixes of what's done. Bob wouldn't have been able to come, even if our skeds worked out, due to 9"+ of snow today...

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