07 January, 2010

(Gonna be) Workin' on the Railroad

There's nothing like setting up a work session on your layout, to "encourage" you to get yourself organized and look at what's needed. My goal is to lay some track before I head start back to grad school, for my final class. I think it's time I ran some trains. Some may think this is pretty straightforward, but when you're a "NOOB" like me, there's lots to be done. First & foremost, is to make sure the track plan is there, looks believeable, & handy, then determine what pieces of track (e.g. Flex Track and switches), along with having the materials on hand to measure/cut them, as well as join them. And, let's not forget having both the roadbed that you will lay it on (no laying track on bare plywood for me), the foam insulation you need for sub-roadbed, and all the tools, adhesives, and 'stuff' to do a good job. After all that, you have to make sure there's room to move and work, along with everything is handy - I don't feel like spending most of the work time looking for tools and materials in the garage, up in our bedroom, or lost in the massive piles o' stuff around the basement.

Saturday will be the first work session on my layout, with a friend, who's been instrumental in designing the track plan. Once I get some stuff in motion, I think that will encourage me and possibly others to get involved, lend a hand, and maybe get a small, yet consistent group of guys and/or gals to build a layout. Once built, I hope to get a regular (monthly, if possible) operating group. Since it will be small, we're looking at 2-3 people, beside me.

More to follow, along with a few piccies (that is, if one my daughters will let me borrow the camera).

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