10 January, 2010

First Work Session of the RF&P Doswell Junction

Yesterday morning, a friend & experienced modeler, Bob Sprague came over to get me started on my journey from my bare benchwork to an operating model railroad. We started with caulking down the the 3/4" pink foam on two sides of the benchwork (minus a short area at the front edge), then Bob plotting out the track plan he designed. Above, you can see the heavy books, tool box, and clamps/wood we used to hold down the foam as the latext caulk cured. Bob started mapping out the track plan on the foam, using a metal straight edge and a yard stick I drilled holes into, to act like a trammel for drawing the curves. We made sure to offset the adjoining tracks by 1/4", to allow for an easement, or transition curve.

I started putting down Homabed, after finally doing an inventory of a lot I bought second hand from a retiring modeler. Should actually be enough for me to do the two parts we put foam on.

At some point, I realized, that the mainline transitions to staging, so I started "digging in" to the foam, to level the Homabed down to the foam. What a mess it makes - lots of shopvac noise during that process! I'm using the DAP Tub & Tile Latex Caulk (Clear) to stick it down and wheighting the ends, although the Caulk is almost completely tacky enough to hold it in place, yet still allow for adjustments.

Bob got quite a bit of the track planned out on the foam top, and even did some soldering (my iron is to low a wattage, so my shopping list just grew again!) of the switch pairs, so I can glue down track later in the week. During our lunch break, we discussed weathering freight cars, and watched a little of Scotty Mason's 'Weathering Freight Cars, Volume 1" with Mike Rose.

Goals for the upcoming "Lone Wolf" work sessions, are to seal the backdrop seams, apply a primer coat of white, get a few more pieces of Homabed tacked down, hopefully pick up some more plywood to complete the rest of the benchwork, then get to laying down some track. We're thinking about another work session this month, but that may not work out, due to life's "To Do's". Don't ya just hate it when life gets in the way of playing with trains??? ;o)

I'd have more pixes, but my wife's got my camera out in Idaho, and my daughter took her camera back, to use for something else.


how to ollie said...

I like your writing style. Nice blog.

Train Fanatic said...

H/T Ollie: Thanks! It's been fun, documenting my progress (and lack thereof, earlier on) of my layout and my 'addiction' to all things trains.