17 January, 2010

Another work session in the books

Another work session was held yesterday. Bob was able to come down for a few hours, and I started working on getting more benchwork done bright & early. Even had the garage door open, to get some of the (relatively) warm air flowing thru as I was buzzing away with the circular saw at 0830 (I'm sure the neighbors weren't too thrilled with that, though).
Above, Bob is soldering some track, to get ready to lay down for staging. I'm working on regluing the pink foam down with Liquid Nails for Projects - the Latex Caulk we used last Saturday was missing something - adhesive! We were fine with the small tubes we used on the Homabed, but the stuff I pulled out for the caulking gun was the wrong stuff!

Bob did a tremendous job on getting more Homabed down, from the staging area towards the doswell double diamonds. Here, he temporarily held down with finishing nails pushed in to the foam.

Bob doing some more soldering, this time with the visor, while my wife inspects some of the handywork...

Above, I've screwed down the benchwork top. need to do some sanding along one edge, then I'll put the 3/4" pink foam panel on it. Hopefully tomorrow.

We actually got a small switcher, RF&P #65, an Alco S-2 equipped with Sound, and Cab #906 to run a bit, and in my excitement, forgot to take pictures. I'll try again tomorrow.

Th-Th-that's all for now, but things are finally starting to move; it's great when you've got motivated and knowledgeable friends. Bob S, Marty M, Bernie K, Scott M, and others have helped me get this far & I greatly appreciate it!

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