23 December, 2009

Adhesives - A sticky (and somewhat forgotten!) Subject...

Greetings, Holiday Revellers! Another update! Whoa! Can all of you handle it?? :o) Sorry, I'm getting excited for Christmas, as well as the New Year.

This morning, while out with my son, to get some stuff he needs before leaving on his mission, we stopped off at the local Lowes for a couple of 4' x 8' sheets of 1/8" Hardboard, for the backdrops. Started hanging the first sheet I already had on hand and what a diff that makes in the train room (aka "Man Cave"). Had the kid in Lumber cut them both down to 33-3/4" tall, to match what will fit under the ducting (see pix), so it's consistent all the way around. There may be a little of the foil insulation showing at the top, but I figure I can put a valence around the top, to hide it, when I put layout-specific lighting up.... that will have to wait for some more $$$.

Anyway, while at Lowe's I got the brilliant recollection that I need some Latex Adhesive (caulk?), so I can stick down my roadbed and track. So, I asked my son to watch the cart and ran right down to the adhesives/paint section, saw the myriad of different squeeze tubes and caulk gun tubes and as I was thinking of reaching for one I... completely forgot the type I was supposed to get! Total Brain Dump! In the recent past, several very astutue and experienced Model Railroaders told me on numerous occasions what to get, but my mind went completely blank and heaven forbid I write something down on a piece of paper to remember things... some day, I'll have to remember to use a paper & pencil, so as not to forget... if I remember that is.

Well, more Christmas shopping awaits. Hope to hang some packdrop this long Holiday Weekend. I also hope the very best Holidays for you all and may this old year quickly finish and a prosperous New Year comes your way. One more semester of school, starting in mid-January and I'll put a mid-2010 resolution out, to post more frequently on this blog of any progress!

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