01 November, 2009

An update: 01 November 2009

Since it's been a while, thought I'd post an update to my blog:

  • The final, FINAL version of the layout plan is here! Click on the image, above, for a more detailed view:

    • I've also been working on a kit for a friend (Scott Mason), both to learn new methods and get some experience on bigger craftsman kits. The kit is a Fine Scale Miniatures Bartholow Coal. While slowly working on that, due mainly to my disappointment and loss of any respect for the owner of FSM, I am working on other little kits that will go on my layout. One is a luncheonette, from Fos Scale Limited; the other is Norm's Gas & Oil, a Railroad Kits kit, named after yours truly (check out www.railroadkits.com/kits.htm and scroll down a bit). Jimmy's got some great kits besides this one, so check out his other lines while there. I'll post some piccies of my work shortly - the kids have the camera!

    • The Missus & I are going to the 2009 Craftsman Structure Show (http://www.css09.com/) and can't wait! A lot of great ideas, clinics, fellowshiping, and possibly some shopping too! If you've never been and always wanted to try building a great looking kit, scratchbuild, or kitbash, this is the ONE SHOW FOR YOU.

    • Found a way to download my model railroad DVDs on to my Microsoft Zune - I now have many of them that I can take with me and watch anywhere! Great for relearning the methods of the Masters, while on the train ride in or home. Watching these is above and beyond my listening to the Scotty Mason Show - The Original Model Railroad Podcast (check out http://www.modelrailroadpodcast.com/, or click on the link on my blog page) for the latest on what's doing in the hobby.

    That's all for now... hope to get some things done before the holidays and school for me and college apps for my kid take over my time...


Anonymous said...

I click on your layout picture to get a better view, but nothing happens.

The Train Fanatic said...

I fixed it - you should be able to enlarge, now. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir: Greeting from sunnyside but polluted Mexico City.
I' ve found your blog by coincidence, the best part must be the companion track plan. I just love it cause it´s almost the same space I have already available for my future dream to be built (although on a reversed image). Guess I could take some valuable ideas (45° crossing & staging areas) for my own purposes, if you don´t mind.