13 September, 2009

Weathering Freight Cars... making plastic look like the real thing

Well, it's been a while since I posted. This will be short on words, but big on pixes. I've been following Mike Rose's Methods, as well as Scott Mason's, shown in Scott's two DVDs on Weathering Freight Cars. Click on each picture for a closer view and more details...

It's been fun, but a little slow. I guess I need to work a bit at some more before I get to their level... more to follow.
Check out www.scottymason.com/dvd/4/ and www.scottymason.com/dvd/5/ for more info on these great tutorials on how to get realistic results.


Garity said...

Ok, that is really cool! I love that you even added the graffiti.

Train Fanatic said...

Garity, thanks! It's very fun to weather & add details. The first car was the hardest. Now, the most challenging thing is to know when enough is enough... the "Masters" of this hobby use pictures of the real thing (aka Prototype), so you can see what's real and what's believeable.