09 August, 2009

Testing... Testing... 1... 2... 3.

A quickie, really. I updated the previous posting to include some new info on the upcoming craftsman kits... check it out.

Another note: The August Episode of the Scotty Mason show is out! Check out http://www.modelrailroadpodcast.com for some great updates and tips on model railroading, kit building, and scenery.

Yesterday, I also decided on making a small stub-ended yard for the "south end" of the layout. Here's a shot of three tracks laid out for the longest (eight 50' cars), plus what I think will be two service/ready tracks for diesels and a double-ended caboose track, enought for 3 cabs... hmmm, I may need a switch at the end of one or two tracks, for switching...

If I move closer to the forward edge, I may put even put up a short backdrop, with some building flats, and put 1-2 hidden staging tracks behind them... at least that's a thought/possibility. Now, it is a matter of time to wait for the RH swtich and two 45-degree crossings I've ordered, to really start planning track layout & any elevation changes...

B-d-b-d-that's all folks! We no resume your regularly scheduled programming! ;o)

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