22 July, 2009

Oops - Wanna Hear Something Funny? It's like this...

Well, it's funny now, wasn't totally funny (ha-ha) earlier this evening. Definitely something I'll look back on and laugh (at least I hope I will). And hopefully, I just had my one & only biiiiig mistake, so the rest of the layout build will go as smooth as glass - YEAH, RIGHT!

As you've seen in earlier posts, I've been cruising along, getting my benchwork done. Well yesterday, my wife treated me to a night at Lowe's (she's a keeper, let me tell ya!) I picked up two sheets of 3/4" B-B Birch/Maple Plywood, because neither they nor Home Depot carries any A-B plywood, which is the recommended material for subroadbed. While I'm there, I get the brilliant idea to have them cut it to size, for the table top - I'm thinkin' "it'll be easier to move and carry, it's less mess for me, what the heck!" So, I have them cut the sheets for 30" width, with one of the 18" leftovers cut to 12" width, so I can use two leftover pieces to make my third section of 8' x 30" benchtop. My lovely bride pays for it, helps me haul it to the car & from the car, down in to the basement, through all the clutter and kids stuff - I'm loving life (and my honey!). Now comes the funny part...

I get downstairs to my 'man cave' to take off the lower horizontal backdrop braces (which I shouldn't have put right down on the benchwork, but 1-2" above, to allow for top; minor mistake #1), slide the first 30" x 8' piece in place and... it's too big. WHAT?!!? "HOW CAN THAT BE???" YOU SAY, especially when I've been touting that my 30" wide benchwork is just that? Well, it seems that I have a genetic disorder - one I never knew I had - called "can't subtract correctly"! I've heard it's quite common in men who think they're smart & don't need to follow the addage - 'measure twice, cut once'. For some reason, When I figured out the cross-pieces for two of the three major pieces of benchwork, I subtracted 3/4" x 2 from 30" and got 27.5" and not the correct 28.5". So, for the entire benchwork assembly, I made it 29" deep, but thinking the whole time I had 30" deep benchwork all the way 'round. Funny, right? Please... tell me that's funny.

So, I'm at this dilema point, with no one to help me haul these heavy & obviously large slabs o' plywood up to the hot & humid garage, so I can attempt to cut a straight line, ONE INCH from the edge (with what I was dreading - my circular saw and a guide). I'm not laughing at this moment, but as I can firmly testify to, our Heavenly Father knows what we need gives it to us, when we need it. Out of the blue comes a friend, Paul Johnson, who is a fairly patient & talented individual, and not only shows me how to use my Table Saw, but helps me haul these behemoths up, cut down the two large pieces almost perfectly, and bring 'em back down. Paul: If you read this, you have my gratitude and appreciation - muchas gracias mi Amigo!

It turns out, there is one other "minor" problem. While trying to get all the lower backdrop supports off, I stripped the very last screwhead, so I have one piece that I can't get off. I'll have to see if I can borrow a drip & tap, to get this bugger out and will not use #6 Wood Screws in this endeavor EVER AGAIN! And, it turns out that the 29" width isn't a bad thing, as the opening in to my layout is pretty tight as it is. I couldn't imagine trying to get thru there AND at the corners, it's tough to get to the very back.

I am too tired to take new piccies, but certainly wanted to bring you up to speed on where this "near perfect" benchwork construction has finally hit a snag. Now, I need to develop my track plan, so I can determine if I will do a "cookie cutter" pattern, or free-form subroadbed (using cleats & risers and cutting the plywood in to strips), or just put a couple of 1" layers of pink insulation foam on top of it (my least-favorite idea), to have some dimension to the layout. As always, comments are welcome.

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Garity said...

Yes, I am laughing because I have that genetic disorder as well. At least Paul saved the day. Sorry I missed you guys during our trip up to F'burg! Next summer for sure and I'm sure they boys would love to see your set up. I'll be keeping Kris far away from it so he doesn't get any ideas though hahaha.