05 July, 2009

Benchwork is DONE (sort of)

Well, the basic bench work is all but done - have a couple more gussets & braces to install, then the backdrop bracing, and then when I get some money, I'll buy more masonite to hang the backdrop.

This is the "top-left" corner of the layout. Support gussets are bracking from leg to grid frame.

Looking at the left side of the benchwork. Only the vertical supports for the backdrop framing have been installed on this part...

Looking down the left side, approximately 13' 6" long. I may move the single leg in the middle of the picture...

Looking in to the room. It's a bit narrow, passing briefly between the two sections, but it widens in to a big, open square. Pretty roomy for 2-3 people, working different areas, if necessary.

Lots o' storage space and room to work underneath. Benchwork is 48" high and some track my go as much as 50" above the floor ('Main lines'?). Lots of tools and "stuff" right now, but will clear out this coming week. Also, I plan on getting some cardboard boxes, laying out cardboard on the top of the benchwork and trying out some track planning. I ordered one each of the LH and RH Peco, Code 83 American-style (vice UK) #6 Turnouts, so I can photocopy full-size and place around the layout, as an aide to track-planning.
I'll try to take a pix of a shot from "inside the benchwork, to show you the open space for operators...

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