15 March, 2009

Benchwork Begun!

Hurrah! Yesterday, I started on my new layout benchwork. I used Lowe's choice 1 x 4, with some 2 x 2 legs and 1 x 2 bracing. The Benchwork style is the open-grid, or butt joint type (I'm using Jeff Wilson's Basic Benchwork book as a guide). It's 30" wide and 8' long, at a height of 48". While it's tall, it seems pretty nice. My wife likes the height for eventual "train watching" but, it's pretty tall for her to work on it (which won't be too often, or so she tells me). Though, even I may need to have a small step-stool when I work on the back.
For tools, I borrowed the Boss' chop saw and in the middle of things, I had to run out for a new, corded drill - my cordless was a cheapy and gave up the ghost. I am tired of replacing it and never owned a corded one... so, off I went for a Dewalt 8 Amp. It's nice and reliable. I'll buy a cordless again, some day when I need to be portable.

Anyway, I hope to finish this segment tomorrow night and then start on section two - a corner piece, cut at 45-degrees. Section three will be a 30" wide by 4' long. After building this, I think 4'-6' is a bit easier to build and manage.

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rfmicro said...

A gusset is normally a triangular plate used to join two other plates (or material) together. Your dimensions (6" x 6" x 8.5")are for a right angle triangle. Draw a right angle triangle on your 1/4" plywood six" on a side. Connect the end points of the two 6" legs and you will have your triangle. Using most any saw will do.

Trent Mulkern
Mechanicsville, MD