11 January, 2009

Sunday, 11 January, 2009 - First Post of the New Year!

And, it's about time! I've been a horrible blogger... I go days, if not weeks between my postings. I follow a couple of other blogs and most are at least every other day. However, I'm so active within the Model Railroad Forum (www.mrrforums.com), that I am not sure I really need to blog all that often. Hmmm, maybe I should copy and paste some of my entries here, to give more of a frequent update. More to follow on that subject...

I returned yesterday from the Prototype Rails Convention in Cocoa Beach, FL (check out http://prototyperails.com/). I actually lucked out and had a business trip to Jacksonville Beach, FL just before and both Scott Mason and Bob Leonard thought it would be a good experience to go down and learn from many about being more prototypical (aka "Like the Real Railroads") in my modeling. I must say, it was a good learning experience and fun social event. I met some old friends and made some new friends. Hand down, the best aspect of the model railroad hobby is the people, and these folks are good people.

If I got nothing else out of this show, I learned where to really start my layout and how to get going on the benchwork. Lance Mindheim did a good clinic on what to do and how to do it. Bob L also helped me think through where I should focus my initial building, along with a couple of good resources on what the real junction is like, so now, I am putting Doswell, VA as my Phase 1. I am thinking I'll start disassembling our existing "Bareboad Express" next week (take up the buildings, put the rolling stock away, and disassemble the three pieces.) and see if anyone wants to buy it, as is, before I see if I can recycle some of the lumber & track. Then, I need to research the turnouts and other things that will help me start building... I hope to have at least the benchwork and trackwork done by this time next year... more to follow.

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