24 January, 2009

New Benchwork, for New Layout

A quick post, on this very grey, very windy day. My wife & I hope to spend the day, hunkered down in the basement to work on scrapbooking and trains!
My son has helped me design a basic benchwork for my new layout, using his Autocad program. There's one dimmension that's off, but basically, that's what will fit in to my little, mostly unfinished room. I've started to see what I can recycle from my previous benchwork, so I can actually start on building this benchwork... pictures to follow.
We are both a little bummed that we're not with friends up at a big train show in Springfield, MA this weekend, but both of us aren't crowd type people and it's expected that about 20,000 people will attend the show. That, and Mass in January, not a good idea if you're not a fan of the cold!
Have a day!

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