22 January, 2009

Green is in... even for Model Railroads

It seems 2009 is fast becoming the year of "Going Green", as in conservation and preservation. All aspects of our daily lives could probably use a good going-over, to see where we could clean up, cut out, or turn-off. I know I could. If you haven't had the chance to read Doug Foscale's Blog (link to the right and above), I think he's got some great ideas for modeling green... I'm going to try some myself.

On to a discussion about my old (and new) layouts. In a recent e-mail to Doug, I stated, "It's much better to build what you want & what will excite & entertain you, than to sink money and time and effort into a layout that's just there." While you may not think so, I thought it was very profound. So, even though it was a relative "Bareboard Express", the first snip in my process of dismantling the Preston Junction RR was the toughest. However, as I was putting away my Digitrax Zephyr DCC system, boxing up my HO Scale cars (autos, not the rolling stock), collecting all the buildings & details temporarily set out, I was getting pretty excited for the next incarnation of a layout. So much so, that my 13-year old daughter helped me get rid of the non-reusable items and salvage much of the wood and wires, along with almost all the track (Atlas Code 83). My #4 switches were too much effort to salvage, after snipping the rails and I would have to unsolder all of the leftover stuff.

I taped most of my proposed benchwork down on my floor - I hope to complete it tonight, so I can take a picture or two and send to several more-experienced modelers for opinion and advice. The new layout will be mostly open-grid benchwork, with maybe an L-Girder type thrown in, to try it out. One wall is 13'6", then 10' 8", then 11'4", and a small one, 4'7". An awkard shape, but an around the wall, with a small peninsula in the middle should work.

Time to go and do HW... Grad School calls.

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