16 December, 2008

Tis the Season... for Trains!

No, really it's the season to remember the wonderful birth of Jesus Christ, whom I believe to be my personal Savior and our Lord. He is our example, and he gave his life, so we may be able to overcome death and return to heaven and be free from sin, through our repentance, our faith, and our good works. I am thankful for that & hope to be more like Him.

Having said that, I have done some with my layout, but Alas! still no pictures. I broke my Tripod, so it's much more challenging to take good pictures. The wife has helped me a bit, in planning the Flour Mill and it's surrounding scenery. That's on one end of the layout. On the extreme other end, I've done a little more planning for the Franklin County Grain Growers granary, along with the Farm Implement Company. I'm suffering a bit from 'Analysis Paralysis' as well as being overwhelmed with kits and different things to do on the layout. So, obviously, not a lot is getting done.

I did reorganize what's on the layout (locos & rolling stock), did some more car cards (but, no waybills), built a few car kits, tuned up (trucks & couplers) a few more and put away one of my RF&P S2 switchers (bad headlight) and its caboose (after tuning it up). It seemed the layout was a little too power rich and stock poor. More to follow... I probably need to make up a roster of what I own, what's layout ready, and what needs work. I have three locos (RF&P #103, an EMD GP7, an SCL GP18 and SD-40-2, and Thomas the Tank Engine), all still in the box. I hope to get them all up & running after New Years, although the SD-40-2 is a little big for this layout... hmmm, another 'little project'. Focus, Norm, Focus! ;o)

Happy Holidays to all! And, may the New Year be more prosperous for us all!

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