03 December, 2008

I've got Gas! (Well, not really...)

Wow, what a day! I had meetings in Norfolk, VA and did a 300-mile roundtrip in less than 10 hours (starting at 0500 - way to early!). And, I came home to a bit of a surprise... I've got Gas!
I am a bit overwhelmed by the generosity of Jimmy Deignan (http://railroadkits.com/index.htm and http://www.craftsmankits.com/), who named an 'Easy Kit', or starter kit for learning how to build Craftsman Kits, after not-so-little ol' me. Check out the piccies at the Railroad Kits link (and below):

This looks like a fun and easy kit to build. I'm working on one of Jimmy's kits right now, his Reaghan's Feed Mill, for a twofold purpose: One, as a contest entry on the MRR Forums (http://www.kitforums.com/) and two as a 45th wedding anniversary gift to my folks. I can't put pixes out just yet, but will in a future posting (after the contest).

Not wanting this to sound just like a commercial or make this just a sales pitch, I think a big help in your modeling can been the following:
  • If you've ever thought you could never build a wooden kit and resigned yourself to forever building plastic "shake the box" kits, then try one of Jimmy's Easy Kits - Norm's , or his first Wood Structure (I have pictures of my attempt of this one, in one of my first posts on this blog - check out my archive);
  • To learn more about how to build a scene like this for a diorama or layout scene, then check out the MRR Forum (link above). Many experienced and novice modelers are there sharing new ideas, skills, and just plain fun;
  • Check out Scott Mason's series of How-To DVDs (http://www.scottymason.com/). He built the dio of Jimmy's Kit. Scott's "Building Craftsman Kits, Vol. I" is a great starter program, to get you going on building your first craftsman kit - it helped me out a lot;
  • Another couple of great sources is Dave Frary's website (http://www.mrscenery.com/) and Doug Foscale's FOS Scale Limited (http://www.foslimited.com/). Both have neat stuff to help your modeling, great tips & tricks, answers to common questions, and links to other helpful sites.

There's many more sites, books, and DVDs you can find, so it's time to get off the bench, jump in and start building! You'll be glad you did! :) TTFN!

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