02 November, 2008

The 'final' weekend... of politics, that is!

Who's not for that? No more 24/7 on Obama/McCain, after this Tuesday... woo-hoo! We can all get back to the important things in life! Yeah, right - if you haven't already voted, please plan on doing it on Tuesday, Nov 4th. I firmly believe our lives depend on it!
Back to Trains!
I've been such a terrible blogger here. I have played with da Trains on and off since my last post, in some form or another - I just forget to blog about it.

I've been working on Jimmy Deignan's Reaghan's Feed Mill (check out http://www.railroadkits.com/), but can't post pixes because of the Model Railroad Forums contest it will be entered in, come December/January. I promise, pixes when the contest is done! I also think my idea for what business it will be is pretty awesome. What scares me is once the building is done, the creation of the diorama/scenery will be my biggest challenge... I've barely done any scenery, without the help or oversight of a more experienced modeler. I'm going to try this one on my own and see how it comes out.

I've recently put in my app for membership with the ACl-SAL-SCL Historical Society (http://www.aclsal.org/), to help gather more information for my future proto-lanced layout. I plan to also join the RF&P Historical Society (http://www.rfandp.org/) for 2009, so I can blend my two faves on this future layout. I'm not sure if I will renew my membership in my local chapter of the National Railroad Historical Society. My focus for the coming year will be more about model railroading and a bit less on NRHS stuff. I probably will renew my membership with NMRA (www.nmra.org), to help this along. I did the six-month trial so far, got the mags, but haven't really had much interaction with other members, some due to my location, some due to the fact I'm commuting 120 miles roundtrip (daily), so I don't yet know what the benfits of membership. Any comments are appreciated...

The best membership I've enjoyed, bar none, is with the Model Railroad Forum (http://www.kitforums.com/). I've learned more associating with these guys & gals about the hobby, craftsman structure kits, modeling, etc. than anyplace or anytime else. If you're not a member, please join - worth it and it's free! And, don't forget about the upcoming Craftsman Structure Show (www.css08.com). I'm SO looking forward to going!
Finally, a shameless plug: Come to the Rappahannock Chapter's Annual Trains At Christmas Show. It's a good show, and lots of fun. Vendors, Santa with whom you can take FREE PICTURES, and many different displays, of model (O-Scale, HO-Scale, G-Scale, and Thomas the Tank Engine!) and real trains! Door prizes, raffles, great fun! Don't miss out!

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