26 November, 2008

CSS 08 - All I can say is Wow!

The title for this one says it all. While there was much anticipation for a good time, the wife & I were not prepared for the fun and education received. It was a good'un!

The wife & I went up to Mansfield, MA for the Craftsman Structure Show from the 12th through the 16th. We met many neat people, willing to teach & listen on all aspects of craftsman structure building and scenery for dioramas and layouts. We talked for quite a bit with Doug & Anna Maria Foscale, of FOS Scale Limited (http://www.foslimited.com/), Dave Frary (arguably the king of scenery, http://www.mrscenery.com/), Hal Reynolds (the 'Radar of everything trains!'), Scott Mason (the king of How-To DVDs, http://www.scottymason.com/), and Jimmy Deignan (the brains and brawn that holds this show together, http://www.craftsmankits.com/). All were a great bunch of Joes, with much to share and the patience to share with any and all. We enjoyed rolling up our sleeves and getting involved.

Now, the Missus is very interested in getting involved with our layout scenery and structures. The best place to check out all the reports and pictures is http://www.kitforums.com/ and look for the CSS08 thread. The one thing I will add... we is DEFINITELY GOIN' TO CSS '09! We had a lot of fun, made lots of new friends (thanks to Angela & Lee for palling around, Bob Leonard for being so patient and willing to share, Danny and John M for just willing to talk about everything, Leo & Lorrie, and the many others we met), and got a little get away in, to boot!

On Sunday, before we started our drive home, we went to an open house at Jimmy Deignan's, to see the expanded Pennsy Middle Division - an awesome HO Scale Layout built (and rebuilt) by Dave Frary, Scott Mason, Dick Elwell, Bob Hayden and many other 'heavy hitters' in the hobby). Definitely a very nice layout (owned by a very nice guy & family). Here's just a few pictures (out of many) that we took. Doesn't do it justice. More out there and there'll be a magazine on the show.

There'll be other posts with more details, but I'm just too tired (and gettin' sick, I think) to write more.

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