03 October, 2008

Nuts & Bolts....

Well, I haven't written for a while... it's been a hectic month plus since last posting. I've been busy with my family (college apps, eagle scout projects, stuff in general), as well as work, and I've only squeezed in a little modelling time or layout work. There's so much to do, in my mind, but the missus always tells me my layout isn't going away... true, but it beckons incessantly. I hear it's aluring calls from down in the basement... I have to sometimes go down, turn on the light and just look at it, longingly, but only for a brief moment, then quickly move back on to what's comes first - family.
I did get on with my backdrop - the scenes just need to be glued to the 'sky'. Looks pretty nice. I also worked on my Bar Mills Magee's Tire repair, not without a little difficulty (warpage) and some other minor probs. Still came out nice, at least I think so. Gotta get on with some weathering for this kit and my first "craftsman" kit, the Easy Kit.
I just started on a FOS Scale Limited Varick's Freight House (a backdrop building) and proceeded to warp some areas of the walls with my A&I wash.... I was just informed that the wash I made, using 70% Isopropyl Alcohol is too full of water... I should use 91% Iso Alcohol. Guess I'm making a trip to the local CVS tonight...
Speaking of FOS... I read Doug Foscale's comments on his blog (see my links on the right) regarding the tragic accident in Cali where the engineer was busy texting instead of driving his commuter train & plowed head-on into a UP Freight train. All I can say is, RAGE ON Doug! I see this poor habit every morning/afternoon on my commute up & down I-95. People driving speeds exceeding 70mph, putting on make-up or reading a newspaper draped over the steering wheel, all the while texting or talking. And, since most are using the HOV-3 lanes, they have passengers! Amazing how people get comfortable doing the same thing over & over, to the point where they become a danger to those that rely on them or are around them.
I will try to post pictures on my next visit, hopefully on Saturday. Keep on model railroading!

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