21 October, 2008

And so, it's been a while...

I have been on travel, in meetings, and busy helping kids with activities and scholastic assignments, so I hope this will be a more relaxing (read more trains!) week. A while back, I made the following timeline, to help me determine my place in time for a future, proto-freelanced layout:

I also worked on Magee's Tire, as well as starting Jimmy Deignan's Reghan's Feed Mill, which will be something else, for the contest. No pixes of that kit, yet, since it's a contest, sillies! ;o)

Here's a few pixes of the Bar Mills Magee's kit:

So far, not so bad... needs some detail pieces, some overall weathering/drybrushing, and then to be based.

This is the outhouse that comes with it... not too shabby, if I do say so m'self!

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