06 September, 2008

TS Hanna Is Here - Anyone got a Lifeboat???

Lot's of rain, now the wind's a-comin'! TS is speeding up the East Coast. Batten down the hatches.

Occasionally, I've been workin' on my railroad (nowhere near) all the live-long day! ;). However, last night, I did get some help from my wonderful bride, using some spray adhesive I glued some scenic backdrop to black photo board. All before the rains started! Pixes to follow.

I also picked up a FOS Scale Limited Kit (Varick's Freight) earlier this week and just this AM, ordered another kit from Jimmy D's contest kit site, Rheagan Feed Mill. Looks like a winner! Check out http://www.railroadkits.com/preview.htm.

Here's some piccies from my layout in progress:

This a fully-assembled, almost completely weathered Glacier Gravel Kit. It wasn't supposed to be fully assembled, but I liked it too much, so I guess I'll be doing some track rework, to make the full kit fit!

A lightly-weathered C&O GP7/9 is backing up off the main line, to one of my sidings, to pick up some team track empties. More to follow!

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