23 August, 2008

Workin' on a coal mine (gravel quarry really)

I think Devo sung the version I was referring to. It's been crazy this past week. I finally got in to the basement, to prime my Walthers' Glacier Gravel Kit. It was partially assembled, with the concrete base separate from the "metal siding & roofing. It's amazing - even though I primed outdoors, in my basement's walk-up, the smell & cloud of the aerosol is enough to make you see double. ;o) I also started to layout some backdrop sheets, but didn't get too far with that.

This was all after helping the wife clean our church, a run to the post office for Ebay sales, reviewing my middle daughter's AP Environmental Science summer assignment, checking on my elderly parents, lunch out with the wife, and a drop-off & pick-up of our youngest for an end-of-the-summer pool party (should've crashed that one!). I somehow thought weekends would get slower as I got older. Boy, was I wrong about that one!

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