07 August, 2008

Trying to get it all done

I've been persuing several of the Model Railroad Forums, to see what other folks are up to. My favorite one is http://www.mrrforums.com/, created by Jimmy Deignan. It's been a great source of information on many aspects of the hobby... you should definitely check it out.

I was so influenced, I went and bought my first Craftsman Kit. Here's a few piccies. This is what the EasyKit consists of: some basswood strips of varying sizes, some lazer-cut, basswood sides, a cardboard sub-roof, and some "tar-paper" roofing material.

Based on some recommendations in a DVD by Scott Mason (http://www.scottymason.com/), Building Craftsman Kits, Volume I, I picked up some adhesives, a pounce wheel, and printed the instructions. A little intimidating, no?

Here's an almost finished kit, waiting to be weathered and placed on my layout and/or a diorama. It's a neat little kit that didn't raise my blood pressure much at all. It is a neat start in to 'the hobby within a hobby' of Craftsman Kits.

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