13 August, 2008

Part Deux

Going on vacation is a beautiful thing. Telecommuting before a vacation is even better. I got up 'late' (6am vice 5am), went right to work, finished early & was home at the click of a mouse button, which meant time to wave at the wife & kids as the fly past on their whirlwind of summer fun (church youth activities, Boy Scouts, Volleyball, etc), and I get to go in the basement. Don't get me wrong, I do go with them on some things, but biking down to the paint store to ask for donations for my son's Eagle Scout project, that's all him!
I've added more to the blog, as you hopefully will see (I think the biggest problem is letting people know this is here, or no one really cares about a nut who's even nuttier about trains), and hope to get some advice on how to best use the space I've got.
I also worked a bit on the layout, working some more on the Walther's Galcier Gravel Kit. I've got almost all the sub-assemblies together and will get them ready for priming/painting next time I go down there.
Speaking of going down there, I am told by some that this is a dying hobby, or it's silly for a man my age (29+) to be "playing with trains" and I should "grow up." However tonight, as a neighbor stopped over to buy some cookie dough from my daughter's Volleyball Booster club (she was selling in the neighborhood), she asked what was up, and when I told her what I was doing, she (a grown woman) lit up like a Christmas Tree and asked to see the work in progress. She was very plesantly surprised at what my friend Jim & I have done and mentioned how she wishes her husband would get involved, as this reminded her of her grandfather & his layout! No sooner than she said that, her husband came looking for her, and when she told him about the layout, than he wanted to see it, hear it, and 'touch it'. It was kind of neat to watch the both of them oooh and awww about what we've done so far, but mostly to watch their faces. Although they have little kids, they both wanted to help in some way... I hope we can work something out, to see if the bug will really bite.
They also are talking about coming out to volunteer with the local NRHS Chapter (check out www.rcnrhs.com, if you're interested as well!) and come out to our annual "Trains At Christmas" show. If you're in Fredericksburg, the Saturday and/or Sunday before Thanksgiving, you ought to check it out!

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