08 August, 2008

Oh thank heaven for Fridays!

Woohoo, Friday's here! A bonus is I got out of work a little early today, to fight traffic before it got too, too bad!

While learning a bit more about this blog and its options, I added a favorite links section, to share what I think are the best places to go for the hobby. I grabbed only a few, and will add more as my memory awakens & I have some time.

I'm pretty stoked about going to the Craftsman Structure Show 2008 (see http://www.css08.com/). I'm going with my honey and I'm going with the attitude to learn absolutely all that I can from some of the biggies in the hobby. And, I'm doing my best to save up some money for the show. I'm even motivated (finally) to sell off what's left over from my interim hobby, Games Workshop wargames (Warhammer Fantasy & 40k, Mordheim, and Warhammer Quest). I am keeping the stuff from Mordheim & Quest for my kids, since they love those games. The other two - gone on to Ebay. So far, so good... selling is brisk and I'm not losing too much by selling discounted. I'll update later on what I have saved for the show when it's closer to 'game time'!

I'm hoping to get down in the basement tonight to work on my HO Layout. I got lots to do with Car Cards & Waybills, although all the manual ground throws are installed and marked (green for in-line, red for diverted route). Here's a piccie or two of where I am so far (with grateful thanks to my mentor, Jim Keehner):

Here's the far corner, with some foam in place and being shaped. You can see our temp mock up of Main Street, with the Cove Concrete Factory in the foreground.
Showing the West Side Interchange, with some hills glued in place, but not shaped.
The granary and farm implement store are loosely based on my wife's home town of Preston, Id.
Here's looking at our center backdrop, painted by my wife. The buildings on the bottom left are backdrop cut-outs Jim loaned us to use for getting placment ideas and are not installed (yet).
Another view, this time showing how diminutive my HO EasyKit is, compared to Moosman's Tent & Awning factory.

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