09 August, 2008

Not as much as I would've liked

Whew! Can't wait to hit the sack. We were somewhat busy as a family, with our daughter's Varsity Volleyball practice and my wife (as Booster Club President) held a parent's meeting. I even got involved, as helper to run the fall season concession stand (it's always fun to interact with the kids). With all that we did (grocery shopping, mail runs, school, after-meeting notes, etc) the wife I still found time to paint a couple of HO Module backdrops, finish a couple of mine for the layout, and I worked on a couple of styrene LPG tanks for a business on the layout. They're not as good as I wanted, but they're together - I figure I can sand out my fingerprint in the glue! ;)

I also watched one of my How to Build Craftsman Kits (a Scotty Mason production), and read the CSS '07 Official show magazine. Wonderful pictures. Oh yeah, I finally received my Bar Mills MacGee's Tire Repair beginner kit from Atomic Hobbies (via Ebay). What a cluster that was. Ordered from the before, but never had problems like this! Not sure I'll order from them again... looking forward though to put it together. Would like to create a small scene with this and my EasyKit to make an automotive repair facility, Ca. 1970... need to plan it out.

I'll take a break tomorrow, have some more family time and then start the week again, hopefully with a little after-work "cave time"!

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