13 August, 2008

Getting things done (Sort of)!

An early morning post, before I sign-on for work (love the days I can telecommute!). Wish I could do it more...
While not so much train-related, I am still working on the the layout, while trying to help my son (a soon-to-be Senior in HS) with prepping for a internship job interview, filling out college apps and essays, and getting ROTC paperwork & physicals done.
I also got some time down in the "lair" to work on the Glacier Gravel kit. Alas! Assembling a good chunk of it has made me realize I'm going to be pulling up some pink foam scenery and possibly some track, as the building (even modified) will not fit as my buddy & I have it now. The good thing is it's only a small area... we'll see how we can redo this area, to make it all fit, while not creating a 'blivot' on the layout... ;). Not sure when I'll be able to get back down in to work further, as we're heading off to colleges Thursday & Friday. Oh what fun!

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