26 June, 2008

If a train blows its whistle in the middle of the woods...

Well, it's been some time since I posted. I'm still not sure how this blogging works. I guess I can write about "big" things happening in my life. Nah, trivial rules! ;o)
I got a Zune on the 18th of June (sorry for the rhyme) and it's been fantastic. Much more intuitive than the Ipod Nanos, IMHO. I have been able to get my music, my pictures, and my podcasts quickly and with not a lot of fuss. Having the pixes & podcasts has been the best. I can use the Zune as a handy reference for train pixes, can listen to the Model Railroad Podcast by Scotty Mason and his crew, and enjoy tons o' Rock-N-Roll.
As for my modeling trains, I've done a little with my friend, played some more with the trains at the RCNRHS, and got a lot of books & mags on my two favorite lines, the SCL and the RF&P. I hope to learn as much as possible, so I'll be ready by year's end to take stab @ designing a prototype-based layout. Oh yeah, I joined up with the NMRA - meeting some knowledgeable and nice people. However, most are around Richmond/Midlothian, so it's distance to go - not something you want to do when gas is above $4.

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Train Fanatic said...

If anyone's interested, check out www.modelrailroadpodcast.com, for Scott Mason's Original Model Railroad Podcast.